The Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk awards scholarships to particularly gifted and committed Jewish students and doctoral candidates and doctoral candidates with a professional connection to Judaism. As part of the scholarship we offer financial support, but also, what we consider to be of equal importance: intellectual support. The study programme offers many opportunities to reflect upon one’s own Jewish identity whilst at the same time considering one’s responsibility to society as a whole. In the programme of intellectual support, the scholarship holders gain insights into both their technical knowledge and their personal history.

The internationality of our scholarship holders is also promoted by ELES through our support of study and research stays abroad. Central components of the our provision of intellectual support are the foreign academies in New York and Israel. International networking is also supported by the Benno Jacob and Bertha Pappenheim Scholarships, with which we invite future leaders of Jewish communities worldwide to study in Germany. Other programmes are specifically designed to promote journalists and artists. After completing the funding period, we like to stay in conversation with our former scholarship holders and to continue to work with them to create a vibrant Jewish life in Germany.

Financial support

Student Scholarships

Scholarship holders in the „student“ category receive a maximum of €752 per month and a study allowance of €300 per month..

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Doctoral Scholarships

The monthly stipend for doctoral scholarship holders is €1350 per month, plus a monthly €100 for research. The normal funding period is two years.

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Intellectual Support

The Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk seeks to strengthen the Jewish identity, sense of responsibility and dialogue ability of its scholarship holders and encourage them to shape the future. To this end, every year ELES offers a varied educational programme, which is guided by our ELES Counsellors and rabbis. Guest lecturers and excursions complement the programme. From five events in the first year of our work, the number has now grown to more than 50 events per year. The interdisciplinary events offer the scholarship holders the opportunity to exchange with one another and to reflect upon contemporary issues in the context of their own religious tradition.

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Nie wieder!? Gemeinsam gegen Antisemitismus & für eine plurale Gesellschaft

The action programme “Nie wieder!? Gemeinsam gegen Antisemitismus & für eine plurale Gesellschaft” supports the shared fight against anti-Semitism and for an open and pluralistic society. In pursuit of this goal, ELES and its cooperation partners will be carrying out ten, multi-day events across the country.

The seminar makes possible a grounded, academic approach to grappling with anti-Semitism. It offers a safe space for sensitivity training and empowerment. Interested scholarship holders will be supported in learning to recognise anti-Semitism, to openly address it, and to become involved in building a society without exclusion and social marginalization. Expert inputs, workshops, and reflection rounds carried out by recognized experts, local actors, and our cooperation partners will qualify the participants to act as anti-Semitism-critical multipliers in their communities and surroundings.

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ELES Abroad

Internationality is inherent in ELES – if only because of the international diversity of its scholarship holders. We support them by helping them to obtain internships, visit conferences, and participate in medical traineeships in foreign countries. ELES therefore places particular value on its scholarship holders entering into contact with the Jewish communities of their respective countries during their sponsored trips abroad.

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Jewish Future Forum

One of the aims of this unique scholarship programme is to bring Jewish scholars to Germany and at the same time increase the appeal of Jewish educational institutions in Germany. The Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk uses this scholarship and the Visiting Scholar Program to invite potential leaders of Jewish communities worldwide to study in Germany. Since its founding in October 2010, this scholarship programme has supported 23 students.

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Rudolf Mosse Scholarship

ELES wants to empower and support its scholarship holders to resume the tradition of German-Jewish journalists, editors and publishers and to adapt it to the challenges of the modern world. The call for applications for the Rudolf Mosse Scholarship aims to promote critical and responsible Jewish voices in journalism. The programme bears the name of the influential Berlin publisher and editor of influential publications such as the Berliner Tageblatt: Rudolf Mosse (1843-1920).

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Ismar Elbogen Scholarship

In cooperation with the Leo Baeck Institute New York (LBI), ELES awards the international Ismar Elbogen Scholarship once a year. The program is directed at doctoral students of various disciplines who are working on a dissertation in the field of the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry. For the scholarship holders of the Ismar Elbogen Scholarship Program, the sponsorship is combined with the possibility of a 6- to 12-month research stay at the Center for Jewish History of the LBI in New York. Along with having access to the worldwide unique archive on European Jewry, doctoral students gain insights into the LBI’s diverse educational work and have the opportunity to participate in working on the institute’s current exhibitions and projects. Participation in the Leo Baeck Institute’s public events also enables the sponsored young scholars to build networks within American academia, strengthening connections between the Jewish communities in the US and Germany.

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Beck Berlin Scholarship Programme

Beck Berlin is a new scholarship programme of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk and the Beck’sche Stiftung. The scholarship will be awarded for the first time from 1 October 2020. Beck Berlin provides financial and intellectual support to Israeli students and doctoral candidates seeking to study and/or conduct research at an academic institution in Berlin.

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Kreativzeit in Rheinsberg

In cooperation with the Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum Schloss Rheinsberg, every year ELES offers authors, artists, art historians, and curators the opportunity to enjoy a month-long retreat in Rheinsberg. The scholarship recipients can win inspiration from the cultural scene and natural beauty of the area and enjoy the comforts of the generously appointed artist’s flat while working on their project.

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Schreibzeit in Buchen

A scholarship of the Bücherei des Judentums, Buchen (BdJ) and the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk
The “Schreibzeit in Buchen” (Odenwald) allows recipients to utilise the premises and the library for two weeks. You can use the time in a quiet environment to concentrate on your research.

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ELES also supports students and doctoral candidates in the arts. Many of our doctoral candidates, especially, reflect upon Jewish art from an academic perspective in their research. Since its founding, the scholarship fund has also supported a number of scholarship recipients active in the visual arts and painting, as curators, musicians and composers, as writers, directors, actors and filmmakers. The cantors supported by ELES also work at the intersection of artistic praxis and Jewish tradition. The stimulation they receive in the seminars and public events inspire the current and former scholarship holders to creatively interact with their Jewish identity and with Jewish topics.

The special scholarships “Kreativzeit in Rheinsberg” (Time for Creativity in Rheinsberg) and “Schreibzeit in Buchen” (Time for Writing in Buchen) allow selected scholarship recipients to devote themselves exclusively to their artistic or academic work for a period of one month or two weeks.

The programme DAGESH was launched by ELES in 2016. Its goal was to grant this productive circle of artists more public visibility, better networking, and intensive collaboration on joint projects – exhibitions, festivals, and publications. The exceptionally successful programme was spun off in 2020. DAGESH. Jewish Art in Context is an initiative of the Leo Baeck Foundation.

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ELES Alumni

Our former scholarship holders are today’s leaders of the sciences, business, culture and, of course, Jewish communities. The aims and goals of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk will thus continue to spread into society thanks to the growing number of alumni who are professionally and academically establishing themselves. Our alumni form the alumni initiative: a self-organized network that promotes and embodies friendship, engagement and a willingness to take responsibility for the future of the ELES Scholarship Fund. We are proud of their dedication to the Scholarship Fund and its values.

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Die Jugend zu fördern, muss das zentrale Anliegen einer jeden Gesellschaft sein. […] Diese Förderung ist mehr als das Versprechen auf Wissen und Bildung. Mehr als das Übermitteln von Traditionen, von Werten und Religion. […] Durch gezielte Förderung jüdischen Nachwuchses können junge Menschen Netzwerke schaffen, die über das heute hinausgehen.

Daniel Botmann, Geschäftsführer Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland

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