Die Dialogperspektiven beim Herbstseminar 2017 in Stockholm

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Dialogue/Perspectives is a programme for the establishment of innovative forms of interreligious and ideological dialogue. With Dialogue/Perspectives we enter into dialogue with scholarship holders of different religious and ideological identities as well as with renowned scientists and discourse-defining experts on one of the most important topics of our time: the role of religions and worldviews for the individual and for society. The programme is aimed at scholarship holders of all 13 federally funded scholarship funds – funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – who will be trained as future leaders in the field of interreligious dialogue.

Since its founding, ELES has focused on interreligious dialogue and has continuously developed innovative ways of advancing it in recent years; such as the planning and the chairing of the first interreligious student academy, the creation of the interreligious scholarship forum Avi, and continuous cooperation with the other religious scholarship funds.

ELES created Dialogue/Perspectives: Religions and World views in Conversation in 2015, with the help of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Since the autumn of 2015, 40 students and doctoral candidates from all 13 federally funded scholarship funds have annually come together as part of Dialogue/Perspectives. Scholarship holders of different religious and ideological orientations converse together over two ELES-selected topics: the programme runs in cycles of one year, and stages two five-day seminars within this period. During the seminars and conferences, there is much focus placed upon on religious practice.

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Johanna Korneli
(030) 31998170-52

Adrian Fiedler
(030) 31998170-51

Rachel de Boor
(030) 3199 8170-52

„Religiöse Bildung schafft die Voraussetzung für Dialog [...]. Begegnung und Dialog sind wesentliche Voraussetzung für Toleranz. Wir brauchen Orte für diesen Dialog und einer dieser Orte ist das Programm Dialogperspektiven.“

Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel, 2.12.2015

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