Die Dialogperspektiven beim Herbstseminar 2017 in Stockholm


With the support of the Federal Foreign Office, Religions and Worldviews in Dialogue trains European leaders in science, culture, politics and business to become experts in a new, society-oriented interreligious and ideological dialogue. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to understanding and cooperation in Europe, strengthens and defends European civil society and shapes a pluralistic, democratic Europe based on solidarity.
Dialogue Perspectives was initiated by ELES in 2015 and is a programme of DialoguePerspectives e.V., a European platform for strengthening a pluralistic society.

Website: https://www.dialogueperspectives.org/

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Religiöse Bildung schafft die Voraussetzung für Dialog [...]. Begegnung und Dialog sind wesentliche Voraussetzung für Toleranz. Wir brauchen Orte für diesen Dialog und einer dieser Orte ist das Programm Dialogperspektiven.

Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel a. D.