DAGESH. Jewish Art in Context

Jewish life in contemporary Germany is diverse. This diversity can also be seen in the artistic production of young Jews. Dagesh makes this visible without necessarily assuming a harmonious Jewish plurality. It is about the creative testing and staging of something new.

Dagesh on Tour is a nationwide educational programme for young people that is critical of anti-Semitism and racism. It is part of the BMBF’s programme „Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education programme“. The programme teaches cultural and political education through contemporary Jewish art.

Dagesh operates at the interface between cultural and political education. As a platform and network, Dagesh supports young Jewish artists and provides a space for voices and forms of expression to redefine a contemporary and forward-looking Jewish self-image and self-awareness in Germany. The aim is to close the gap to the present of Jewish life by means of artistic works and discussions of different Jewish perspectives and positions on our society.

Dagesh – Jewish Art in Context was initiated by ELES in 2016 and is a programme of DialoguePerspectives e.V., a European platform for strengthening a pluralistic society.


Webseite: https://dagesh.de/

Die Gründung von ELES hatte bereits etwas damit zu tun, wie dieses ‚Als-Jüdin-herumstehen wie eine von gestern‘ verändert werden könnte. Die Gründung des DAGESH. KunstLAB begründete im Kern etwas Selbstverständliches; nämlich Wissenschaft und Kunst zusammenzudenken.

Prof. Esther Dischereit, Autorin