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Under the umbrella of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk, important initiatives such as DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and Worldviews and DAGESH. Jewish Art in Context. Today, DialoguePerspectives and DAGESH are independent programmes of the Leo Baeck Foundation. Founded in 2019 by the Jewish Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk and the Muslim Avicenna-Studienwerk, the Jewish-Muslim think tank Karov-Qareeb is now part of DialoguePerspectives. The ELES programme „Never again!? Together against anti-Semitism & for a plural society“ is aimed at scholarship holders from all 13 German scholarship programmes.

Dagesh. Jüdische Kunst im Kontext

In 2016, the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk founded DAGESH. KunstLAB: a programme for the promotion of ELES scholarship holders that are artists. It not only offers the ELES artists a unique network, but also their own seminars and retreats. In addition, international cooperation and exhibitions increase the visibility of their work. With the help of renowned Jewish artists and art scholars, DAGESH acts to support and encourage Jewish artists..

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Dialogue/Perspectives is a programme for the establishment of innovative forms of interreligious and ideological dialogue. With Dialogue/Perspectives we enter into dialogue with scholarship holders of different religious and ideological identities as well as with renowned scientists and discourse-defining experts on one of the most important topics of our time: the role of religions and worldviews for the individual and for society. The programme is aimed at scholarship holders of all 13 federally funded scholarship funds – funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – who will be trained as future leaders in the field of interreligious dialogue..

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Jewish-Muslim think tank by Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk and Avicenna-Studienwerk

The Jewish Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk and the Muslim Avicenna-Studienwerk initiated a new platform for Muslim-Jewish dialogue in Berlin at the beginning of 2019 with the Jewish-Muslim think tank Karov-Qareeb. Karov-Qareeb is initially aimed at scholarship holders of both study institutions and would like to intensify the exchange between Berlin scholarship holders of both scholarship institutions for gifted students. Karov-Qareeb is part of the ELES programme Dialogue/Perspective. Since 2015, Karov-Qareeb has been exploring innovative paths in interreligious dialogue and testing them with scholarship holders from all works.

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Nie wieder!? Gemeinsam gegen Antisemitismus & für eine plurale Gesellschaft

The action programme “Nie wieder!? Gemeinsam gegen Antisemitismus & für eine plurale Gesellschaft” supports the shared fight against anti-Semitism and for an open and pluralistic society. In pursuit of this goal, ELES and its cooperation partners will be carrying out ten, multi-day events across the country.

The seminar makes possible a grounded, academic approach to grappling with anti-Semitism. It offers a safe space for sensitivity training and empowerment. Interested scholarship holders will be supported in learning to recognise anti-Semitism, to openly address it, and to become involved in building a society without exclusion and social marginalization. Expert inputs, workshops, and reflection rounds carried out by recognized experts, local actors, and our cooperation partners will qualify the participants to act as anti-Semitism-critical multipliers in their communities and surroundings.

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Wir brauchen und schätzen das Engagement und die Exzellenz der jungen jüdischen Generation in Deutschland.

Dr. Kristina Schröder, Bundesministerin für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend a.D.

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