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Scholarships for Students

Scholarship holders in the “Student“ category receive a maximum stipend of € 752 per month and a study allowance of € 300 per month.

The scholarships are calculated on the basis of guidelines written by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In order to determine the need for funding, the income and assets of the scholarship applicant and, if applicable, that also of their parents are taken into account. A grant is initially given for just one year. The maximum funding period is based on the standard period of study.

Who can apply?

Applicants who have been admitted to state or state-recognised universities, educational colleges, colleges of applied sciences, art academies, and art colleges and conservatories in Germany, or in another EU state or Switzerland, can apply. As can students with only a secondary school diploma.

Applicants who are awarded the scholarship will receive funding for a minimum of five semesters – in accordance with the BAföG guidelines. For students completing a bachelor’s programme, the four-semester phase following the Bachelor’s degree is included in this standard period of study.

Applicants who are applying for a master’s programmes are also viable. ELES only sponsors four-semester master’s.programmes It is, however, important that the application be made at the beginning of the master’s programme.

The period between the completion of the bachelor’s degree and admission to a master’s degree programme can be one of continued financial support from ELES, as long as the scholarship holder uses their time for intellectual engagement. Scholarship holders who have already been supported in their attainment of bachelor“s degrees by ELES can apply for further funding for their master’s programme.

What we expect

We expect above average academic achievement, but we also expect to see great dedication to extracurricular activities: in Jewish communities, youth work, social work, student organisations, and the student environment in general.

After being accepted into the scholarship programme, the scholarship holders are expected to be in regular conversation with the ELES counsellors, and to be actively engaged with the alumni network of ELES. We expect a high degree of participation in and commitment to the various facets of the scholarship programme.



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Contact Persons

Lara Hensch
(030) 3199 8170-21

Florian Eisheuer
(030) 3199 8170-22

Begabtenförderung & Ehemaligenarbeit
Natalie Grabs
(030) 31 99 81 70-53

Katrin Oraizer
(030) 31998170-23

„Die jungen jüdischen Einwanderer von heute, die sich bei ELES zusammenfinden, werden das jüdische Leben von morgen entscheidend bestimmen und die deutsche Gesellschaft prägen. Dabei ist die Gruppe so vielfältig und heterogen und die Geschichten der jungen Intellektuellen so interessant, dass ihre Repräsentation ein recht wichtiges Anliegen unseres Studienwerks ist!“

Rabbiner Univ.-Prof. Walter Homolka PhD PhD DHL, Direktor des Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerks

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