Scholarship Holder Involvement


The Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk attaches great importance to democratic forms of scholarship holder participation. The scholarship holders should be able to contribute their concerns and suggestions and thus actively shape the development of the scholarship programme. This is particularly prominent in the case of the non-material support programme: all scholarship holders have the right to submit proposals for each year’s programming.


The ELES scholarship holders are organised in eight regional groups. Each regional group meets at regular intervals to plan and carry out joint academic and religious events.


The democratically elected regional spokespersons, along with the scholarship holder representatives at large, form the Scholarship Holder Council (StiRa), which meets regularly with the staff to discuss the concerns of the scholarship holders. The StiRa also elects from its ranks the scholarship holder representatives at large of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk. They are full voting members of the advisory board and the programme committee and represent the scholarship holders in public. The StiRa meets at least twice a year to exchange experiences within the regional groups and represents the interests of all scholarship holders, especially vis-à-vis the staff.



Das Besondere an ELES ist für mich vor allem die sehr enge Beziehung, die man über die Zeit zu den Mitarbeiter*innen sowie einem großen Teil der Stipendiat*innen des Studienwerks aufbaut. Es ermöglicht mir, regelmäßig aus meinem alltäglichen Umfeld auszubrechen und über den Austausch mit anderen Stipendiat*innen eigene Standpunkte zu hinterfragen sowie neue Ansichten zu gewinnen.

Max Zellerhoff, ELES-Alumnus