Religious Life

Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk wants its scholarship holders to explore and reflect upon the ways in which the religious dimensions of Judaism are relevant to their everyday lives. ELES also seeks to encourages scholarship holders to implement the knowledge that they have learned from their academic experiences in the context of their scholarship initiatives, when working with student organisations (such as Hillel), and above all when interacting with their respective communities.

The biannual ‘Praxiskolleg’ events are the centrepieces of religious life in the ELES scholarship program. These are events in which groups of scholarship holders come together to learn about and discuss Jewish practices and traditions; they offer young Jews a space to build a personal and community-orientated connection to their Jewish identity. Whilst many of the scholarship holders are already knowledgeable in these areas, they are able to gain new insights and have this prior knowledge expanded. This all occurs under the leadership of the rabbinical study-leader Shaul Friberg and Daniel Laufer – as the diverse traditions and practices of the Jewish tradition are discussed and explored. The scholarship holders are taught about a wide-range of traditions, as rabbinical representatives of different traditions are invited to come and present their respective practices. In this way, the scholarship holders are introduced to a wide-spectrum of religious traditions and practices by representatives of different Jewish denominations.

The foundational element of the ‘Praxiskollegs’ is the celebration of Shabbat, held in conjunction with an introduction to the religious content of the celebration; Shabbat is the central and constitutive holiday for Judaism. Each Seminar focuses upon an important practice of Judaism – these are both liberal and orthodox in nature. After these group discussions, there are further group and individual discussions held between the rabincial study leaders and the scholarship holders in order to create a space of personal and religious support.

The ‘Praxiskollegs’ also act to stimulate interest from the scholarship holders toward the Jewish history of the venues where the conferences take place, thus acting to contribute to the revitalisation of Jewish life in remote regions and small communities. In areas where there are few religious opportunities for young Jews, ELES organises activities in partnership with local communities. The ‘Praxiskollegs’ thus contribute to the strengthening of religious identity for many within Jewish communities in Germany.

With the Jewish Future Forum ELES invites future leaders of the Jewish community, from all over the world, to study in Germany.

Contact Persons

Rabbiner Maximilian Feldhake
(030) 31998170-52

Religiöse Begleitung
Rabbiner Shaul Friberg
(030) 3199 8170-0

Etwas ist in vielen Juden zerbrochen, und es ist Aufgabe der Rabbiner, diesen Menschen wieder ein spirituelles Fundament zu geben.

Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich sel. A., Namensgeber Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk