Overview: Application for a Benno-Jacob / Bertha-Pappenheim Scholarship

The application deadline for the Summer Semester 2023 ist 01 February 2023. The application document can be found here

The admissions seminar will take place on Wednesday, 15.02.2023 via ZOOM. Please keep this day free!

  • Acceptance to the rabbinical or cantorial training programme of either the Abraham Geiger Kolleg, the Zacharias Frankel College or the Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin.
  • non-German citizenship
  • enrollment at a state or state accredited university, technical university, teachers college, polytechnic, art college or music college in Germany. High-school graduates may also apply.

  • The application deadline for the Benno-Jacob / Bertha-Pappenheim Scholarship Programme ends on 01 February 2023 for the summer semester 2023.
  • The admissions seminar will take place digitally in February or March 2023.

  • We expect above average scholastic and academic acheievement, and also engagement above and beyond: in the jewish community, in youth work, in student organisations and in wider society.
  • After acceptance into the scholarship programme, each scholar is excpected to have regular contact with the academic advisors „Vertrauensdozent*innen“ and after ending the scholarship to be engaged in the alumni work of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk.
  • We expect a high level of participation in the „ideellen Förderung“ and engagement within student structures.

For the application we require the following documents:

  • a letter of motivation, which details why you would like to receive a Benno-Jacob / Bertha-Pappenheim scholarship (max. 2 pages)
  • Acceptance letter for the rabbinical or cantorial training programme of the relevant college or seminary.
  • a current CV
  •  if applicable employment reference or equivalent
  • proof of enrollment
  • if applicable internship and training certificates
  • if applicable university grade reports
  • passport copy; please note that if you do not possess the citizenship of an EU-member state, then you also need to provide proof of a current residency permit.
  • references about your societal engagement
  • at least two letters of recommendation (no set form required)

The references and the letters of motivation musst be sent directly to the Jewish Future Forum team (wita@eles-studienwerk.de) References and letters of recommendation which are sent by applicants cannot be accepted.

Contact Persons

Rabbiner Maximilian Feldhake
(030) 31998170-52

Isabella Wita
(030) 31 99 81 70-51